Date: August 24,2017
Chair Bill Forthofer’s Open Letter to the Quality Professionals of the ASQ Hartford Section 0103

Dear Members of the ASQ Hartford Section,

ASQ is our Global Community of people like you passionate about Quality, who use the Quality tools, their ideas and expertise to make the world work better. “The Mission” has been the most important guide throughout my 40 years in the Aerospace Industry. It keeps me on track, reminding me who we are and what we do for the Customers we serve in all segments of our life both public and private.
With that said, I begin with our Mission Statement: To contribute to a better world by promoting the advancement and application of quality Concepts and technologies to all segments of membership and organizations of our region – individuals, business, government, non-profits, and civic in support of organizational excellence and personal well-being.

\The ASQ Hartford Section Team has been working hard to provide our members (approx. 325 members) with value added events and workshops that benefit both the individuals and the businesses they serve. The following Matrix outlines those Events and Courses that have been locked with outstanding subject matter experts beginning in September through January of 2018.

Member Meetings              Speaker         Date           RU    
Cyber Security             Carlos Branco    14-Sep-17      0.3    
Risk Management            Rich Larkin     12-Oct-17      0.3    
Quality Tools                 Anna Morast    9-Nov-17       0.3    
PPAP                             Pete Teti      11-Jan-18      0.3    

Courses                       Instructor       Length of Course          Date            RU
AS9100 Rev D            Tim Lepore              8 Hrs.             9/21/2017        0.8
Risk Assessment          Steve Luko              8 Hrs.            10/24/2017       0.8
Quality Tools            Tom Berstene            8 Hrs.        November, 2017     0.8
PFMEA                       Pete Teti                8 Hrs.        December, 2017     0.8

Communication Enhancements: Website, Postcards, Facebook, Email Direct, Network
WEBSITE: asqhartford.org

We ENCOURAGE You to participate and share these activities to both Members and Nonmembers of the Chapter. We are also looking for Volunteers to make our Chapter grow and serve the membership.

Bill Forthofer
ASQ Hartford Chair