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Quality Award

This year’s winner of the Hartford Section's Quality Recognition Award is Bill Pacewicz, a Quality Engineer at Whitcraft LLC in Eastford, Connecticut. Whitcraft is an aerospace manufacturer specializing in formed sheet metal parts. While at Whitcraft, Bill created one of the best Quality Clinics in the Industry, for a complany with more than 350 employees, as identified by Pratt & Whitney.

Bill never takes the easy way out. Instead, he stays engaged, drives improvement and always takes the time to do the right thing.  As a result of Bill's efforts in Whitcraft's Quality Clinic, Whitcraft was able to reduce escapes by more than 50% over the last 5 years.  Seeing a need for better training for inspectors, Bill created and launched an Inspector training module that included Whitcraft policies and procedures, Customer Specifications, Measuring Equipment and techniques, Geometrc Tolerancing, proper measurement recording, using inspection method sheets, First Article Inspections, and Material Review Board requirements.

In recogntion for his efforts, Bill was selected to attend a Shinginjutsu Global Consulting's 5 day seminar in Japan

Congratulaltions to Bill on Winning the 2019 ASQ Hartford Section's Quality Recognition Award and his commitment to quality.



  Required    Candidate
  Chair   Stephen Gabbert
  Secretary   Nicole Boney-Sharpe
  Treasurer   Roy Duff
  Auditing Chair   Tom Gallagher
  Membership Chair   Vivian Vidal Otero
  Nominating Committee Chair   Tom Gallagher
  Vice Chair   Bill Forthofer
  Arrangements Chair   Keith Modor
  Awards Chair   Richard Ott
  Education Chair   Mark Roy
  Programs Chair   Dennis Gareau
  Publicity Chair   OPEN


Above is the current slate of Leadership Team members, as identified by the ASQ Section 0103 Executive Board. If you are interested in nominating someone additional for a FY 2020 position, please submit their name on a petition signed by (10) active ASQ members, addressed to secretary@asqhartford.org by November 1, 2019.


ASQ 0103 Nominating Committee Chair

audit@asqhartford.org or Silverchevy2002@gmail.com 



ASQ Hartford Section welcomes both suggestions for Education Topics and  Candidates offering their services as Instructors.


Date:  April 8,2019

Message from the Chair Bill Forthofer  



I would like to take this opportunity to again thank you, our membership, for your continued support of our ASQ Hartford Section in 2019.

We have been very successful in scheduling the CQE/CQT, CMQ/OE courses that started in February/finish in May.  We have a total of 25 students enrolled!!! Classes are held at the Central Connecticut State University Institute of Technology and Business Development.

See Table Below:  Note those listed as TBD are still under development.

Please provide feedback to the Education Chair (education@asqhartford.org) if you have an interest in being an Instructor or ideas for Quality Topics to be considered. Visit ASQHartford.org for Registration & more information.


ASQ Hartford Events Schedule - Tracker 2019
Membership Monthly Event Date
AESQ Standards 10-Jan
Valentine’s Day Celebration Adams Mill 14-Feb
Cyber Security (CONNSTEP) 14-Mar
REACh and Materials of Concern 11-Apr
Tour: UTC Collins Aero Customer Resp. Ctr 9-May
Zero Defect Plans (ZDP) 13-Jun
Cources/Workshops Date
CQE/CQT Course (Active)  Feb 5, 2019
CMQ/OE Course  (Active) Feb 7, 2019
PPAP Workshop Fall 2019
Lean Six Sigma TBD (Fall)
Capacity Planning TBD (Fall)
Other TBD (Fall)


We are very interested in hearing for you on what Guest Speaker Events/Subjects we can deliver in September, October and November of this year. 

We hope to continue to grow our attendance at our monthly meetings; this is a great opportunity to expand your awareness in the Quality field and “Network” with other Quality Professionals. Familiar faces are always welcomed back and I hope those numbers grow as well!! 



Bill Forthofer, Chair Hartford Section 0103


Quality improvement in any organization requires the vision, effort and persistence of those individuals who are part of that organization. As Quality professionals, we all know that recognition for those efforts can go a long way towards improving the morale and motivation. In recognition of that fact, the Hartford Section sponsors an annual Quality Recognition Award, the Joe Trowbridge Award. The purpose of the award is recognize those individuals or teams who have made significant improvements in quality and productivity in their workplace over the past year. To be eligible, nominees need not be members of the Hartford Section ASQ or even be part of the Quality organization. Past award winners have included Inspectors, Engineers, Technicians, Managers, and teams.

This year, award winners will be recognized at the June membership dinner meeting. Winners and their significant others attend as guests of the Hartford Section. At the meeting, they will be presented with a plaque and coupons for upcoming ASQ dinner meetings. The coupons will allow them to attend three dinner meetings as guests of the Hartford Section.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to give out more than one award in a given year.