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2018 T award winner

John Martin the winner of this year’s Joe Trowbridge Award is currently employed as Director of Quality at Kamatics Corporation, a division of Kaman Specialty Bearings. He has been at Kamatics for 40 years. He has spent most that time in Manufacturing and Manufacturing Engineering. Six years ago he was appointed as Director of Quality. He quickly adapted to his new role and was soon driving Quality improvements throughout the organization. He promoted the use of Quality Tools such as Root Cause/Corrective Action, 5-Why, and Fault Tree Analysis across all departments in problem solving situations by educating all teams he participated in on the tools and how to use them.   In the past, RCCA meetings at Kamatics were informal and quick. Now John has posted charts of key terms and tools in his office and every RCCA meeting begins with a short training/re-education on the tools and terms. In addition, he re-designed the corrective action form and incorporated those tools directly into the form.

John became aware of the short- comings of Kamatics Change Management process. To correct that situation, he directed the implementation of a new change management procedure. This procedure is incorporated into Kamatics ERP system where proposed changes are submitted and reviewed by a multi-functional Change Management Board. The board reviews the changes, determines, what actions need to be done, and if acceptable approves them. There is also a follow- up afterwards to ensure that the actions were completed. In addition, John directed the implementation of Human Factors in Production; an improved and expanded FOD program; an expansion of the SPC program; and a new Risk Management process. To improve productivity, John encourages the use of automation. Equator Machines have been installed that enable parts to be 100% inspected while in-process, new CMM Machines have been put in place, and automated inspection devices have also been brought on line as an aid to final inspection. Using his background in Manufacturing, John has been known to spend time in the shop working with Manufacturing analyzing problem jobs and determining root causes for quality issues.


John is the type of director that takes a “hands on” approach to his job. He not only “talks the talk” but walks the walk.”