Date:  April 8,2019

Message from the Chair Steve Gabbert  


 To our valued ASQ [Hartford Section 0103] Members

It has been quite a long time since we have communicated with our Members and we hope you have been well and your families safe and healthy. We have been mandated by our ASQ National Headquarters to cease our [in person, face to face] activities until further notice. At this time, virtual meetings and events may be scheduled under their recommended Rules and Regulations. ASQ [Hartford Section 0103] Board members have met under these guidelines and want to let you each know what is going on and what is being planned.

We have been very active in /planning/scheduling the CQE/CQT, CMQ/OE, CQA & CSQP Courses that start in February, finish in April/May. All Classes will be “Virtual/Web based. Note those listed as TBD are still under development. Please provide feedback to the Education Chair (Mark Roy) if you have an interest in being an Instructor or ideas for Quality Education Topics to be considered. We are also working on Membership Guest Speaker Events.

See Table Below:

Visit ASQHartford.org for Registration & more information.


ASQ Hartford Events Schedule - Tracker 2021
Membership Monthly Event Date
AESQ Standards 14-Jan
Cybersecurity DOD Actions/Compliance        11-Feb
TBD 11-Mar
TBD 8-Apr
Tour:  13-May
TBD 10-Jun
Cources/Workshops Date
CQE/CQT Course
 Feb 9, 2021
Certified Mgr. Quality/Org. Exc. (CMQ/OE)
Feb 4, 2021
Certified Quality Auditor Feb 8, 2021
Certified Supplier QA Professional (CSPQ) Feb 3, 2021
Quality & Capacity TBD (Fall)
PPAP Workshop TBD (Fall)


Again, we sincerely hope you and your families are safe and healthy. We will keep you posted on any changes in Guidance from ASQ HQ impacting on how we can deliver value to our Membership.



Steve Gabbert- Chair, ASQHartford Section 0103