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In 2003, ASQ established an award to recognize the development of statistical methods for solving quality problems in products or services. The award was named for Dorian Shainin, a leading authority on product quality and reliability. During a professional career that spanned nearly six decades, Shainin developed more than 20 statistical techniques for solving problems, controlling processes, and developing highly reliable products.

Partners in Performance Excellence is pleased to announce, that the Alliance for Performance Excellence Board of Directors has selected Partners in Performance Excellence to officially represent Connecticut and offer Baldrige-based services and consulting to help organizations with their journey to performance excellence.

ASQ Hartford Spring Semester



185 Main Street
New Britain, CT 06051



From I-84 (Hartford – West)
Exit 39A to Route 9 South. Take Exit 27 – Chestnut Street (left exit). At the end of the exit take a right onto Chestnut Street and proceed to the third light. Take a right onto Main Street. ITBD is a red brick building located on the right just past ‘Subway’.

From the South (Routes 9, 91 or 15)
Go north on route 9 to Exit 26 – Downtown New Britain. Go straight at the end of the exit take a left at the following traffic light (CVS is on the corner) onto Chestnut Street. Take your second right onto Main Street. ITBD is a red brick building located on the right just past ‘Subway’.

Parking is available in the Municipal Parking Garage in back of the ITBD building (access is on Chestnut Street). There is limited, short-term parking in the ITBD parking garage. 

Our popular referesher courses provide a solid framework for understanding and applying quality tools and methodologies. Our courses are designed for preperation to take national ASQ certification exams. Topics range from basic to advanced skills in statistical methods, quality costs, auditing, inspection and many additional skill sets. Classes are held at the Central Connecticut State University in New Britain and will begin in September, 2015.

All classes are held at ITBD in downtown New Britain CT (185 Main Street, New Britain CT). Class times and subjects are as listed is this announcement.



This 10-week course covers the fundamentals of quality auditing, including auditor conduct, communication skills, audit planning, preparation, performance, reporting, follow-up, auditing tools and techniques, case studies, and an some essential technical components.

Who should attend: Professionals seeking to gain a good understanding of Quality Auditing; professionals preparing for the nation quality certification exam CQA; and Quality professionals looking for professional development in this field.

COST and Logistics:
ASQ member cost: $600.00
Non-member cost: $650.00
When: Wednesdays, starting 9/9/2015, 6-9 PM

To register, please CLICK HERE


Note 1: Recertification units awarded: 3 RU’s
Note 2: Price includes all texts; does NOT include registration for ASQ National exam.



This 12-week course covers is equivalent to the essential topics for the CSSGB certification by ASQ. Topics include basic statistical methods, quality costs, auditing, inspection, test, and calibration, sampling methods, B/P reading and corrective action.

Who should attend: Anyone who plans to take the next ASQ CSSGB exam; professionals who desire a good general grounding in the principles of “6-sigma”; others who work in the quality improvement genera and want to improve their skills in “6-sigma”.


ASQ /member, $675
Non-member cost, $725
Course Schedule - When: Mondays, starting. 9/14/2015, 6-9 PM

To register, please CLICK HERE

Instructors: Dave Biron and Stephen Luko

Note 1: Recertification units awarded: 3.6 RU’s
Note 2: Price includes all texts; does NOT include registration for ASQ National exam.


For further details or questions please contact individuals at the addresses below. 

Stephen N. Luko
United Technologies Aerospace Systems
Windsor Locks CT

Hartford Section 103 of the American Society for Quality was first organized under the name of the Hartford Society for Measurement on December 15, 1942 in the auditorium of the Hartford Electric Light Company in Hartford, Connecticut.

G.L.Manke, Pres. (Veeder Root, Inc)
S.J.Zelle, V.P. & Secretary (The Whitney Chain Co.)
A.McDougall, Treasurer (Pratt & Whitney Aircraft)

Advisory Board:
R. T. Palmer (R. T. Palmer Company)
W. H. Gourlie (P&W Division, Niles-Bement-Pond)
S. G. Johnson (Johnson Gage Company)
R.K. Hellman (Great American Ind. Ct Telephone & Electric Div)
J. J. Ferri (American Bosch Corporation)

The purpose of the fledgling society was the improvement and advancement of measuring and control devices used in manufacturing and engineering practices.
On May 12, 1970 the American Society for Quality Control chartered the Hartford Society for Measurement as an official section of the Society.

In 1988, Governor William O'Neill designated October as Quality Month in Connecticut in recognition of the valuable contributions of the Society to the growth and development of the state's economy.

In 1993, the Hartford Section affiliated with the Connecticut Quality Council to further their common goals of promoting the development of all facets of quality.

From that small beginning membership in the Hartford Section has grown steadily to an average of 175 during the 1950's and 1960's, to 700 by the turn of the century.
Today, the Hartford Section is a thriving organization, continuing to meet the needs of its membership in times of rapid change in business relationships, in technology, and in the marketplace.

Past Chairs

1942-1943 Gus L. Manke Veeder-Root, Inc.
1943-1944 Stephen J. Zelle Whitney Chain Company
1944-1945 Stanley G. Johnson Johnson Gage Company
1945-1946 Stanley G. Johnson Johnson Gage Company
1946-1947 William H. Gourlie P&W Division Niles-Bement-Pond
1947-1948 Archie McDougall Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1948-1949 Arnold B. Collins Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1949-1950 Dorian Shainin Hamilton Standard Division
1950-1951 Arthur B. Shea Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1951-1952 Chester A. Hoffmann Capewell Manufacturing Company
1952-1953 George H. Selig P&W Division Niles-Bement-Pond
1953-1954 Robert E. Connor Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1954-1955 Charles V. Kropp U.S.A.F. Inspector, Air Material Command
1955-1956 Chester A. Govang Capewell Manufacturing Company
1956-1957 Albert E. Aubin Royal Typewriter Company
1957-1958 Ernest B. Bozenhard Pratt & Whitney, Inc. West Hartford
1958-1959 Frank J. Hauman Royal McBee Corporation
1959-1960 Herbert E. France, Jr. Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1960-1961 Kenneth Martin, Jr. Holo Krome Screw Corporation
1961-1962 Eugene W. Ellis, Jr. Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1962-1963 Lawrence J. Sespaniak Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1963-1964 Robert H. Phelps Royal McBee Corporation
1964-1965 Anthony B. Manzi Skinner Precision
1965-1966 L. Blair Alexander Fafnir Bearing Company
1966-1967 Carl H. Josephson Ensign-Bickford
1967-1968 H. Harlow Richardson Royal Typewriter Company
1968-1969 Howard I. Parsons Fafnir Bearing Company
1969-1970 Alan Lowenthal Kaman Aerospace Corporation
1970-1971 Bruce Mackay Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1971-1972 Anthony S. Kasmierski Colt's Firearms
1972-1973 Edward M. Stiles Chandler Evans Control Systems
1973-1974 H. Newton Ale Chandler Evans Control Systems
1974-1975 Robert Roseberry Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1975-1976 Bertrand Morency, Jr. Projects, Inc.
1976-1977 Alan Doty Digital
1977-1978 David Miska Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1978-1979 Andre Dulam Smith & Wesson
1979-1980 Paul Vik Adams Aircraft
1980-1981 Marum Bishop Combustion Engineering
1981-1982 Robert Kemp Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1982-1983 Francis Danko Eastern Tool & Die
1983-1984 Francis Danko Eastern Tool & Die
1984-1985 William Medinger Consultant
1985-1986 Frederick Polidori Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1986-1987 Frederick Polidori Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1987-1988 Richard C. Lindstrom Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1988-1989 Brian Jones Combustion Engineering
1989-1990 Brian Jones Combustion Engineering
1990-1991 Mariano Hutchison Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1991-1992 Marty O'Neill International Fuel Cells
1992-1993 Bruce Vagts Hamilton Standard
1993-1994 Charles LeVasseur Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1994-1995 Charles LeVasseur Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
1995-1996 Frank Seibert Continental Machine Tool Co. Inc.
1996-1997 Frank Seibert Continental Machine Tool Co. Inc.
1997-1998 Dennis Gareau Dynamic Gunver Technology
1998-1999 Dennis Gareau Dynamic Gunver Technology
1999-2000 Dave Hall JDS Uniphase
2000-2001 Dave Hall JDS Uniphase
2001-2002 Ida Gall Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
2002-2003 Ida Gall Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
2003-2004 Roy Duff Vision Technical Molding, LLC
2004-2005 Roy Duff Vision Technical Molding, LLC
2005-2006 Thomas Gallagher  Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 
2006-2007 Thomas Gallagher Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation 
2007-2008 Robert Dembkoski D.A.D.T
2008-2009 Robert Dembkoski D.A.D.T
2009-2010 Robert Dembkoski D.A.D.T
2010-2011 Robert Dembkoski Winslow Automatic Inc
2011-2012 Thomas Berstene Workforce Planning Associates
2013-2014 Tyler Brush  Multi-Seals, Inc.
2014-2015 Tyler Brush  Multi-Seals, Inc.
2015-2016 Tyler Brush  Multi-Seals, Inc.
2016-2017 Tyler Brush  Multi-Seals, Inc.
1/2017-5/2017 Jennifer Williams UTAS
10/2017-2018 Bill Forthofer FORTHTEC, LLC
2018-2019 Bill Forthofer FORTHTEC, LLC

ASQ Hartford will no longer be processing recertifications.  This process is now being offered via the global body of ASQ.  If it is time for you to recertify, please visit https://asq.org/cert/recertify. For assistance, please contact a customer care representative at 800-248-1946.