Career Development Book Club

ASQ Hartford Section 0103 has over 300 members and a wealth of experience spanning several disciplines in the Quality field.  

In an effort to share this experience we have started to develop a suggested reading list.  

If you have suggested books to add to this list please contact ASQ Publicity.




Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product (Shewhart)

Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control (Shewhart)

A History of Managing for Quality (Juran)

Juran’s Quality Handbook (Juran)

Quality Planning and Analysis (Juran)

Some Theory of sampling (Deming)

Statistical Adjustment of Data (Deming)

Out of the Crisis (Deming)

Mathematical Statistics (Wilks)

Total Quality Control (Feigenbaum)

Guide to Quality Control (Ishakowa)

Exploratory Data Analysis (Tukey)

Statistics For Experimenters (Box)

Statistical Quality Control (Grant and Leavenworth)

Process Quality Control (Ott)

Quality is Free (Crosby)

Taguchi Methods (may books here, just search on Taguchi)

Presentation of Data and Control Chart Analysis (Luko, editor, 9th edition)