Award Nominations

Quality improvement in any organization requires the vision, effort and persistence of those individuals who are part of that organization. As Quality professionals, we all know that recognition for those efforts can go a long way towards improving the morale and motivation. In recognition of that fact, the Hartford Section sponsors an annual Quality Recognition Award, the Joe Trowbridge Award. The purpose of the award is recognize those individuals or teams who have made significant improvements in quality and productivity in their workplace over the past year. To be eligible, nominees need not be members of the Hartford Section ASQ or even be part of the Quality organization. Past award winners have included Inspectors, Engineers, Technicians, Managers, and teams.

This year, award winners will be recognized at the June membership dinner meeting. Winners and their significant others attend as guests of the Hartford Section. At the meeting, they will be presented with a plaque and coupons for upcoming ASQ dinner meetings. The coupons will allow them to attend three dinner meetings as guests of the Hartford Section.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to give out more than one award in a given year.